Social Media

How the Facebook Algorithm Works

No matter how you feel about the Facebook algorithm, you have to understand it to run a successful marketing campaign on the largest worldwide social media platform. On average, organic

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The Skyscraper Link Building Technique

If you’re a website owner, you likely understand the importance of providing viewers with well-written articles specifically structured to meet the SEO requirements of search engine algorithms. That’s the best

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Content Writing

What Is Web Copywriting?

What do you call a frozen dog?  A pupsicle!  That is one example of website copywriting. It captured your attention to read further on the page. Web copywriting is more

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Content Writing

Copywriting vs. Content Writing

When you look at a German Shepherd or Chihuahua, you might think that they’re both dogs. However, these are two different breeds with unique personalities. The same can be said

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SEO letters and laptop

What is Local SEO?

When you create a website, you have the opportunity to target the entire world for your products and services. But, if you own a local business, targeting the entire world

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