What is Viral Content? Creating and Marketing Guide

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In the digital age, where content is ceaselessly produced and consumed, certain pieces capture collective attention, rapidly spreading across platforms and audiences, becoming what we term as ‘viral’.

Viral content, akin to a contagion, has the unique ability to resonate with vast numbers, eliciting emotions, sparking discussions, and often becoming a cultural reference point. But what makes a piece of content go viral, and how can creators intentionally craft content with the potential to catch wildfire?

Understanding and mastering the art of creating viral content is both a science and a creative endeavor. It’s a blend of tapping into the zeitgeist, recognizing audience sentiments, and employing strategic marketing techniques.

This guide will delve into the anatomy of viral content, offering insights and strategies to help you create and market content that has the potential to reach and captivate expansive audiences.

If you’re intrigued by the phenomenon of virality and are eager to harness its power, keep reading to unearth the secrets behind show-stopping content.

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What Is Viral Content?

Viral content is essentially digital gold. It refers to online material, be it articles, videos, memes, or images, that garners significant attention rapidly due to extensive sharing across various platforms. This content isn’t just popular for a fleeting moment; it often becomes a topic of conversation, sparking discussions and engaging vast audiences.

Beyond mere numbers, viral content transcends demographics, often crossing borders and cultures. It not only grabs attention but also leaves an indelible mark, sometimes evolving into a cultural phenomenon or trend that influences other creators and the digital landscape at large.

Marketing professionals in a meeting
Marketing professionals in a meeting

Why Is Viral Content Important?

Viral content acts as a power booster for brand recognition. When your content goes viral, it drives an avalanche of visitors to your website, often at a fraction of the cost of paid advertisements. However, the road to virality isn’t straightforward. While the rewards are enormous, the challenge lies in crafting content that resonates deeply enough to be shared widely.

The ripple effect of viral content can uplift a brand’s image, solidifying its place in the market and the minds of consumers. It’s not just about immediate visibility; it’s about lasting impact, fostering trust, and building a community of loyal followers and advocates.

Best Practices for Viral Content Creation

Focus On Trending Topics

Spotting and leveraging trending topics can be your ticket to virality. Platforms like Google Trends can guide you in pinpointing subjects that are gaining traction. By aligning your content with rising trends, you position it at the crest of the wave, ready to ride the surge of public interest.

Create Captivating Introductions

Capturing a reader’s interest from the get-go is crucial. With most users reading only about 28% of an article, a gripping introduction is vital to hook them early, ensuring they engage with your content and find it share-worthy.

Write Viral Headlines

Your headline is your content’s frontline ambassador. It’s the first thing people see, and it often determines whether they click through. Using numbers in your headlines, as suggested by Conductor’s research, or adding brackets for context can significantly boost engagement and shares.

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Use Colorful Visuals

Images breathe life into your content, making it more shareable. According to Xerox, engaging, colorful visuals increase the likelihood of content consumption by 80%. By incorporating dynamic imagery, you elevate your content’s appeal and shareability.

Experiment With Long-Form Content

Contrary to the myth of shrinking attention spans, longer, in-depth content tends to go viral more often. Dr. Jonah Berger’s study reveals that comprehensive pieces have a higher chance of virality. The depth and value they offer make them more shareable.

Set a Featured Image

Featured images act as a spotlight, drawing attention to your content on social platforms. As visual posts tend to garner more engagement, having a captivating featured image can significantly amplify your content’s reach.

Publish Emotionally-Charged Content

Emotion drives action. Content that triggers strong emotions, whether awe, surprise, or even anger, is more likely to be shared. By tapping into these feelings, you increase your content’s virality potential.

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Promote To Influencers

Getting noticed by influencers can be a game-changer. Their endorsement can catapult your content into the viral realm. By incorporating mentions or collaborating with key figures in your industry, you can leverage their expansive reach.

Place Share Buttons Above The Fold

Location is key for share buttons. Elements placed above the fold garner more attention, making it essential to position share buttons strategically to facilitate quick and easy sharing.

Focus On List Posts and Why Posts

Research suggests that listicles and “why” articles tend to be more shareable. By aligning your content format with these preferences, you position it for wider dissemination.

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Three people in a business meeting
Three people in a business meeting

Mastering the Art of Viral Content Creation

Understanding the essence of viral content and navigating its creation and marketing nuances can be the game-changer in the expansive digital landscape. It’s about merging creativity with strategy, intuition with insights, and passion with purpose. Viral content isn’t just about fleeting fame; it’s about creating a lasting impact, resonating with audiences, and becoming a memorable part of their online experience.

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