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Content Dog LLC is a content writing agency providing affordable, fast, and high-quality SEO content writing services.


Our SEO Content Writing Services

Need product descriptions, long form content, or meta descriptions? Our team of SEO content writers have you covered.

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Long Form Content

Our team of content writers are trained to write long form content that’s optimized for SEO best practices. Our long form content starts at 1000 words.

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Product Descriptions

The Content Dog team can write new SEO product descriptions, optimize current descriptions for SEO best practices, or expand on current product descriptions.

Meta Descriptions

There’s more to a meta description than 155 characters. Our meta descriptions include the keyword, a question, and a call to action to drive better conversions .

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Why Our SEO Content Writing Services?

All of our content writing is optimized for SEO best practices. We’ll let the results speak for themselves. Here are screenshots of how well our long form content is performing according to AHRefs. All the organic traffic seen below is just from one article, not from the whole website.

Our SEO Writing Services Process

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What Our Clients Have to Say!

“I have yet to find a partner/vendor that can provide the quality, speed, and growth that the Content Dog team provides.”
"Overall impressed with the work. The Content Dog team implemented all our suggestions, and branding we wanted to include."
Ritchie V.
"They've always gone above and beyond on their promised word count. Complete life savers when we need emergency writing."

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SEO writing is a form of writing where the writing is specifically focused on solving individual’s problems based on their search queries.


Why does an individual search for “symptoms of the flu?”

The individual thinks they have the flu and believe they have flu like symptoms. If they’re searching for this, they may also be searching for treatments of the flu and what the difference between the Flu and Cold is. SEO writing will cover all the questions in one long form article as that’s what the individual is looking for based on one search query. 

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