Top Social Media Network Platforms, Sites, and Apps for Your Brand

A person holding a smartphone with social media platform icons on the screen

In the world of modern-day business, social media is a must. It is where brands are built, interactions can take place, and customers can find new products and information. 

However, it isn’t just enough to be present on social media. You need to be on the right forms of social media and know where your audience can be found. 

So, we’ve created a list of the top social media platforms out there. Keep reading to discover some of the best options that currently exist for connecting with your customer base. 

1. Facebook

Facebook has been the top dog for years, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. The site draws in billions of people from all over the world. Once on the site, they post, share pictures, participate in discussions, share information, and much more. In addition, the Facebook Marketplace is becoming increasingly popular, making it the top choice for many people looking to buy or sell something locally. 

Nowadays, every company should have a Facebook business page. From there, they have a litany of options when it comes to selling to customers, interacting with others, and generally building brand awareness.

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2. YouTube

While you might not initially think of YouTube as a social media network, it is actually one of the biggest social media networks out there. People view hours upon hours of content on YouTube every day. These videos share ideas and concepts on their own, while additional interaction takes place within the comments of each video. 

YouTube is also unique in that it allows content creators to make money off of the platform directly. Participating users can join this program and make money based on the ad revenue their videos bring in. 

3. Instagram

Instagram is a vibrant and visual social media platform. It is also incredibly popular, with billions of active users worldwide. 

In addition, Instagram is one of the top social media networks for younger people. The average Facebook user is getting older, while younger people flock to Instagram as an alternative. This makes getting involved with Instagram particularly attractive for businesses targeting a young demographic

4. WhatsApp

Most people know that WhatsApp is a messaging platform. Many people use it exclusively to message friends and family members. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly popular for brands to participate on WhatsApp as well. 

Companies and businesses will create a WhatsApp account that consumers can interact with. This allows customers to receive marketing information, get customer support, and even place orders all through a single app. 

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A person holding a smartphone with TikTok on the screen
A person holding a smartphone with TikTok on the screen

5. TikTok

TikTok is one of the newest and most popular social media platforms on this list. It allows users to share and view short videos that are optimized for mobile. 

This is another platform that is particularly popular with young people. It is so popular that around two-thirds of teens use it.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is another platform that started out simply but has evolved over the years. It used to only support sending pictures that would quickly disappear. Now, it supports more messaging features, popularized the concept of stories, and has even integrated an AI chatbot into the system. 

Like TikTok and YouTube, Snapchat is another app that is popular with younger people. In this demographic, it is one of the top choices. 

7. X/Twitter

Despite not having quite as many active users as other social media platforms, Twitter (which recently underwent a rebranding to “X”) is one of the most recognizable social media sources out there. It is a microblogging platform that encourages users to share information. 

Twitter is particularly good when it comes to two things: handling breaking news and serving as a customer service outlet. Twitter’s trending topics encourage users to discuss topics that are in the news at the moment or that are currently ongoing. Meanwhile, the platform has become somewhat of a de facto customer service department for many brands, with users reaching out on Twitter if they are experiencing a problem. A Twitter account is a must for companies interested in either of these features. 

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8. Pinterest

Pinterest is all about discovery. The platform encourages users to find posts relating to their interests and pin them to different boards. They can then come back and edit these boards to build comprehensive databases of information

Pinterest is particularly popular when it comes to fashion, home decor, beauty, and DIY instructions. People save pins relating to these categories so that they can remember them in the future. In many cases, this also leads to them buying these in these categories, making Pinterest a great choice for a business selling these kinds of items. 

9. Reddit

Reddit is an alternative social media platform that has become more widespread lately. It is a collection of various “subreddits” where users can post pictures, links, or text relating to the subreddit’s topic. Because of this, it has become popular for following along with breaking news and celebrity interviews. 

This platform is the king of niche interests. While the most popular subreddits relate to popular topics, there are also active subreddits dedicated to a wide variety of very specific interests. This opens up plenty of opportunities for companies looking to make inroads somewhere outside of the mainstream

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10. WeChat

The average American may not be aware of WeChat. However, billions of people are using it on a daily basis. They use it to message each other, shop online, book services, and much more. 

The key distinction is that WeChat is based in China. There, it is the number one social media platform, largely due to a ban on other social media networks. However, it is also popular in many areas surrounding China and among Chinese citizens abroad. So, it is a great resource for any company targeting this incredibly large group of people.

A smartphone with message apps, including WeChat and WhatsApp
A smartphone with message apps, including WeChat and WhatsApp

Use the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Brand

To successfully utilize social media, you need to be aware of the top social media platforms out there. This knowledge allows you to find options that work for you and where you can reach your audience. With this in mind, you can start building and developing your brand like never before.

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