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The first animal in space was a dog, which paved the way for Neil Armstrong to become the first man to land on the moon. As incredible a feat as that was, any website owner would love their landing pages to create a similar grandstanding reception when prospective clients visit.

We understands just how important landing pages are to site owners. These seemingly simple pages can make or break the ability to convert web users into loyal customers.

If you want to wow your visitors and turn them into loyalists, you have to hire a landing page copywriter who understands the rules of the game.

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Customized Landing Pages

Landing pages are not supposed to look alike; neither are they meant to follow a particular template. For this reason, you have all the freedom in the world to create a landing page that blends well with your brand. All you have to do is provide us with an outline of your requirements, and we will turn your blueprint into reality.

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Exclusive Content

We write everything from scratch in a voice that resonates well with your target audience. The content we produce is exclusive to you, and you get to retain all the rights. Moreover, our writers know the right pitch to use to attract more visitors and generate more leads for your site while staying on brand.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Getting to the coveted top spot in Google search results depends on the keywords you use on your landing pages. Our able copywriters will perform thorough keyword research and analysis to determine the best words and phrases to use to optimize your pages and improve your rankings.


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Why Our Landing Page Writing?

Attention-Grabbing Headlines

If you want to cast a literary spell on your audience, you must craft captivating and persuasive titles. This is a job best left to our creative wordsmiths. Our writers will create attention-grabbing headlines to attract more visitors to your landing pages and website. Along with that, your content will contain witty punchlines to ensure your visitors read every word to the end.

Trust & Credibility

If humans were as trustworthy and as loyal as dogs, then the world would be a better place. But don’t get us wrong. Our landing page copywriting service is not about dogs or saving the world. It’s all about creating a lasting impression on your visitors from the moment they land on your site. Building trust and credibility is a big part of this, and we accomplish this by adding reviews and testimonials from previous clients to all your landing pages.

Convincing CTAs

There’s no point in writing great, optimized pieces without calling out your audience to take action at the end of the article. You may ask your readers to sign up for your newsletters, follow you on social media or visit your website for more info. This is where the expertise of our landing page writers comes into play. We promise to craft convincing CTAs that will compel the most rigid person to click through.

How Our Landing Pages Ranks!

All of our landing pages are optimized for SEO best practices. We’ll let the results peak for themselves. Here are screenshots of how well our long form content is performing according to AHRefs. All the organic traffic seen below is just from one article, not from the whole website.

What Our Clients Have to Say!

“I have yet to find a partner/vendor that can provide the quality, speed, and growth that the Content Dog team provides.”
"Overall impressed with the work. The Content Dog team implemented all our suggestions, and branding we wanted to include."
Ritchie V.
"They've always gone above and beyond on their promised word count. Complete life savers when we need emergency writing."

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SEO writing is a form of writing where the writing is specifically focused on solving individual’s problems based on their search queries.


Why does an individual search for “symptoms of the flu?”

The individual thinks they have the flu and believe they have flu like symptoms. If they’re searching for this, they may also be searching for treatments of the flu and what the difference between the Flu and Cold is. SEO writing will cover all the questions in one long form article as that’s what the individual is looking for based on one search query. 

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