5 Best Link Building Strategies Every Website Needs to Use

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You know link building is a critical element of any SEO strategy. It generates traffic, boosts brand awareness, and increases your domain authority (DA). But gaining and maintaining those precious links can be challenging.

We’ll cover our best link-building strategies to help you boost your traffic and DA. Link building can be a bit tedious and will take some serious work and research, but making an effort will grow your business’s visibility in the long term.

1. Create an Outreach Strategy

An outreach strategy is a specific plan and tactics for attracting new customers or, in this case, backlinks. The best way to entice others to link to your business or content is to create linkable assets. These assets deliver high-quality, useful content in the form of:

  • Long blog posts
  • Applications and tools
  • Tutorials
  • Infographics
  • Videos

Once you have valuable linkable assets, you need to create a plan for reaching influencers, customers, and others relevant to your niche market who would benefit from linking to your assets. These people target the exact keywords or have linked to similar articles and assets.

To attract high-profile, reputable websites, you’ll want to sign up for services like Muck Rack or HARO, which are valuable resources for journalists. This is especially helpful for link building when your assets have primary source statistics and credible industry insight.

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2. Identifying Unlinked Mentions

Unfortunately, people will refer to your business on their website without linking to your business or content. The beauty of this link-building strategy is that the website already mentions your business. Now you have a valid reason to reach out to them and politely ask them to convert the mention to a link.

If the website mention’s your products or services, send them a product link instead of a link to your homepage. This is an easy way to direct customers to your products where they can learn more.

How to Identify Websites that Mention Your Business

You can use a free search engine like Google to help you find other websites that mention your business. Or you can leverage services from a content marketing agency like Content Dog, where we find these sites for you.

3. Fixing Broken Link Building

An overlooked link-building strategy that can be very effective and easy to implement is to offer an alternative to a broken link. Articles need credible primary sources.

Often these primary sources move pages, or their links break. Anyone linking to these articles will return a “page not found” error. This creates an opportunity for you to become the new source link.

How to Become the New Source Link for Broken Links

  • Identify broken links on websites that are relevant to your target market. Your competitors’ websites are a great place to start for finding broken links.
  • Create content that validates the information from the broken resource.
  • Contact any sites that link to the broken link and offer your working resource as a new link to help give validity to their article.

This is highly effective because most websites want to reduce their broken links to stay credible. To identify websites that might be interested in your working resource link, you can leverage Ahrefs’ free SEO tool: Broken Link Checker.

Need help creating high-quality linkable assets for your business? Contact us to learn how we can increase your backlinks.

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Steal Backlinks from websites that target your audience

4. Steal Backlinks from Inferior Webpages

Not all content is created equal, and often some websites generate insane amounts of backlinks without providing quality content. How they wielded this sorcery, we don’t know. But we can tell you how to steal these links from webpages with inferior content quality. You get double points if you steal the backlink from a competitor.

How to Steal Backlinks from Inferior Webpages

  • Identify a webpage that provides low-quality content about a relevant topic to your target market.
  • Create a better linkable asset that is rich in source material and helpful information.
  • Contact the website linking to the inferior webpage and offer your asset as a more viable alternative or a more comprehensive asset they might be interested in mentioning for upcoming content.

Instead of stealing, you can also offer an alternative to your competitor’s linkable assets. You’ll want to research why and where the competitors are getting backlinks. 

Then by creating assets with similar or more value, you’ll be able to guest post on similar sites, get added to webpages that mention your competitors, and find target market influencers that may be interested in mentioning your business.

5. Leverage Community Site Link Building

Our final link-building strategy is to leverage community sites, forums, message boards, Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups, blog post comments, and social hashtags to amass a backlink army! While these web pages aren’t the most reputable sources, their links still count because they have an audience. It also adds diversity to your backlink profile.

Yes, these links are “no-follow” links, but people still read them. Community site links get eyeballs, generating legit traffic and backlinks if the people like your asset. So first, you need to create quality linkable assets and then find community sites that appeal to your target market.

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Implementing These Link Building Strategies will Increase Your Visibility

Bottom line: You need to devote resources and time to implement link-building strategies to boost your SEO and generate more traffic. If implementing these link-building strategies is time-consuming or pulls your resources away from your core business, consider hiring a content marketing agency with link-building services that do the tedious work for you.

Content Dog specializes in creating strong SEO content and linkable assets for its clients by utilizing proven tools and expertise for maximizing SEO ranking. Learn more about our effective SEO services and how we can help you increase your SEO visibility through backlinks and relevant, high-quality content.

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