Copywriting vs. Content Writing

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When you look at a German Shepherd or Chihuahua, you might think that they’re both dogs. However, these are two different breeds with unique personalities. The same can be said for copywriting and content writing. While these roles are very different, they can overlap. If you are looking to hire a content writer or copywriter for your marketing, here is a closer look at these jobs.

What Is a Copywriter?

If you want to have someone who can persuade your audience, then you need a copywriter. These professionals use words and language to convince others to take a specific action. They can encourage a reader to download a file, engage with your company, or purchase your product. A copywriter often uses SEO copy, direct response advertising, or sales writing to accomplish their goals. 

A great copywriter will have the ability to write conversationally and interactively, focusing on those short-term goals for your company. Eye-catching headlines and calls to action are often used to persuade these potential customers. The role of a copywriter is a straightforward professional that can add a boost to a business.

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If you are looking for a great copywriter, many of them will focus on a specific industry. With that, they have an excellent understanding of those particular markets. You will want to find a copywriter who can:

  • Write engaging copy
  • Explain complicated ideas in a clear manner
  • Produce non-boring materials, no matter the subject
  • Use the right voice to convey the company’s message
  • Understand basic SEO principles

You can usually find a copywriter’s work in the following areas:

  • Slogans
  • SEO content
  • Ads
  • Website pages
  • Email campaigns
  • White papers
  • Catalogues
  • Press releases
  • Sales letters

Now that you understand the role of the copywriter, let’s take a look at their marketing counterpart: the content writer.

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What Is a Content Writer?

While the jobs might seem similar, there are some differences between copywriting and  content writing. Unlike a copywriter, the content writer focuses on informative, educational, and entertaining content. Yes, they are concerned with developing engagement with the audience, but this often occurs over time as they strengthen the readers’ trust to build a relationship

These writers have experience in online marketing. An exceptional copywriter will be a pro at storytelling, and they can write pieces that convey a message without directly mentioning the brand of their client. Many content writers will speak as an authority on a specific subject, which leads to credibility with their readers.

Content writers have a vast knowledge of publishing platforms and distribution networks. Some of these writers also understand those various writing terms and can use an editorial calendar with ease. 

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With content writing, it is accessible to readers across all walks of life, so the writer needs to understand how to capture the audience’s attention and keep them coming back for more content. An exceptional content writer will be able to:

  • Create long-form and engaging content
  • Generate fresh ideas with research
  • Have excellent punctuation, grammar, and English language skills
  • Understand the structure and format content for readers
  • Use SEO keywords and principals
  • Write for different industries or sectors

When searching for a content writer, they have more than likely written in the following formats:

  • Blog posts
  • Magazine articles
  • Newspaper features
  • E-books
  • Print magazines
  • Podcast scripts
  • Social media posts
  • Television and radio scripts

Proper Skills for the Job

With the growing popularity of social media and blogs, you might think anyone can be a content writer. Whether you are a CEO or novice blogger, content writing or copywriting might seem easy as long as you know a particular industry. However, that is not always the case. Content writers have the skills to engage the audience, and they understand their topics. As a content writer, these professionals are professional wordsmiths who have specialized skills to write compelling copy to move a company forward. You could write a blog by yourself, but it will just be another piece languishing on the internet without the proper engagement skills

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The Work of Copywriters and Content Writers

Both of these professionals work hard to create content for their clients. However, there are plenty of differences in their work. When you are ready to hire a writer for your company, here are some points to consider.

With a content writer, they typically have more time to research and create content. In some cases, the deadlines are flexible with their clients. Since the content writer needs to format a piece, especially for long-form posts, they have a few days to develop a finished product

On the other hand, copywriters work under very tight deadlines. They might have to provide a short-form copy in a tight time frame. These professionals are used to working more reactive than proactive. However, both the content writer and copywriter will work to meet the goals of the client, no matter what timeline they are provided by the customer. 

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Find the Right Professional for Your Business

To reiterate the points, a copywriter will drive sales while the content writer builds trust with the reader. Before you hire someone for your content, make sure to determine your own goals and what you want to achieve with your website. These two professionals bring different skills to the table, and you want to find the right one for your marketing and content needs. 

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