27 Key Social Media Advertising Statistics

Social media ad spending will hit over $173 million this year as the platforms become more monetized and more brands include social commerce as part of their marketing strategy. And running campaigns on social media platforms remains one of the best ways for brands to increase awareness and engage with their customers.

Here’s your rundown of the 27 key social media advertising statistics you need to know for 2022.

General Social Media Advertising Statistics

Social Media Ad Spend Is On the Rise

Ad spend has already been rising over the years, but it’s projected to rise even morethe projected market value of social media advertising in 2027 is predicted to be over $384 billion; that means an annual growth rate of over 11%.

As social media platforms focus on monetization, brands are moving towards including social commerce in their conversion strategies—it’s not surprising that companies are spending like crazy on social media ads.

Why wouldn’t you advertise on platforms where over $4 billion people gather?

Running Ads Is King for Brand Awareness

It doesn’t matter if you’re established in your industry or a budding enterprise, increasing your brand awareness matters—and social media ads are the way to do it. This advertising helps half of adult users discover the products, services, etc., that interest them.

Although companies allowing their customers to opt-out of trackable data and the decline of third-party cookies have hampered the industry, these statistics show that social media ads are still great for brand awareness.

Trust Is Everything

Over half of social media users want to interact with social media platforms that protect and value their privacy and data. This feeling of trust significantly impacts their decisions about interacting with sponsored content and ads on the platform.

Brands Are Shifting To Different Platforms

It’s true—but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from running ad campaigns on more “traditional” platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In fact, those social media platforms are still great places to promote your brand and convert users.

However, marketers are moving towards today’s favorites (Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat) to allocate more of their ad spend budget as they continue growing—particularly TikTok.

TikTok Advertising Statistics

TikTok Users Are Dedicated

Eleven percent of TikTok users spend up to ten hours on the official app, and 30% spend less than an hour. That doesn’t seem like much, right? Well, look at this statistic: More than half of TikTok users spend over 10 hours per week using the app.

If you can only run ads on a single social media platform this year, TikTok should be at the top of your list.

TikTok Has More Reach Than You Think

Ads on TikTok have the potential to reach well over 800 million people. And its largest audience is Gen Z, closely followed by Millenials—and these two groups happen to be who most marketers want to reach.

TikTok Ad Revenue Is Soaring

TikTok plans to meet its goal of hitting $12 billion in ad revenue (compared to $4 billion last year) in 2022. And with around 1.5 billion active users each month, TikTok is now the most popular video platform on social media—likely thanks to its addictive algorithms and short videos (remember Vine? TikTok is its ultimate successor). 

However, TikTok is also the least trusted social platform—unless they step up their data privacy and “fake news” policies, it’s hard to say how long TikTok will stay on top.

Instagram Advertising Statistics

Instagram Ads Will Reach 1.8 Billion People In 2022

That’s right—in 2022, marketers can expect their ads to reach well over half of the platform’s two billion monthly users. Instagram is a platform that’s not only full of users but full of users who you can reach.

Instagram’s Advertising Is Outpacing Facebook

For marketers that rely on paid advertising for their social media campaigns, it’s worth it to know that Instagram’s advertising reach is blowing Facebook’s out of the water.

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Instagram Story Ads Will Bring Almost $16 Billion In Revenue

And that number is over a fourth of Instagram’s global ad revenue. Ad spending on the platform’s Stories is growing rapidly, and marketers are taking advantage by budgeting for more than just the Instagram Feed.

Instagram’s Ad Reach Increased By 21% Last Year

Instagram’s popularity is still rising, and with it comes better ad reach. And if you’re hesitant to add more to your marketing budget on the platform, know that its ad reach has increased by over 60% in the past two years.

Ad Reach Is Evenly Split Between Men & Women

Marketers that want to target both of these demographics equally might be surprised to find that Instagram’s ad reach is split almost perfectly evenly between the two. It’s the perfect place for targeting both genders with your campaigns.

Twitter Advertising Statistics

Twitter’s Annual Revenue Is Skyrocketing

Its annual revenue is over $5 billion—a 37% increase over last year. Twitter is focusing on performance advertising in 2022, which will likely push this number even higher.

Twitter Has Over 217 Million mDAUs

The platform’s monetizable daily active users (mDAUs) hit 217 million by the end of 2021—a 13% increase. It’s more than likely that Twitter’s mDAUs will continue to increase at a fast pace in 2022.

Ad Revenue Increased 22% YOY

The company’s total ad revenue in 2021 reached over $1.41 billion, and we expect it to continue growing exponentially in 2022. The time for marketers to advertise on Twitter is now before it becomes overly saturated as its ad market grows.

Twitter Is the Go-To Platform For Millenials

It’s getting harder to target Millenials in ad campaigns as they leave more social media platforms while Gen-Z takes over—however, Twitter remains the go-to for Millenials over the newer generation. It’s the perfect space for marketers to craft ad campaigns targeted at these consumers.

People Will Spend Around 6 Minutes Daily on Twitter

Like the two previous years, users typically spend around six minutes each day on Twitter, meaning that you don’t have to worry about no one viewing your ads. It also means that, because you get a short amount of impression time, Twitter ads must be creative and engaging to stand out from the rest.

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Facebook Advertising Statistics

Ad Impressions Are Still Growing

Meta’s collection of apps, including Facebook, saw an ad impression growth of 10% last year. And with Meta planning to introduce ads on WhatsApp this year, that number might keep increasing through 2022.

Facebook’s MAUs Are Approaching 3 Billion

The platform’s monthly active users (MAUs) are insane—almost 3 billion of the planet’s population of 7.7 billion are active on Facebook. That’s a staggering statistic that marketers need to pay attention to this year.

Facebook Ads Reach Almost ¾ of Users

Marketers’ ads reach over 72% of the platform’s monthly active users. So what does that mean? Facebook continues to be a go-to channel for running ad campaigns.

Running Ads Will Be More Expensive

However, with billions of MAUs and increased ad reach comes an increase in advertising costs for marketers. Social media marketers must carefully think about how they distribute their ad budget when it comes to Facebook—it’s not cheap.

Facebook Is Still the Most-Used Platform Globally

With other social media platforms becoming increasingly popular, Facebook still remains the most used. It beats out YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram for the top spot. That means marketers need to have a presence on the platform to run targeted ad campaigns, build brand awareness, and more.

Snapchat Advertising Statistics

Snapchat’s User Base Keeps Growing

From Q4 2020 to Q4 2021, Snapchat’s daily active user count jumped by 20% to 319 million. That makes it the fifth consecutive quarter the popular platform saw an increase in DAUs. If 2022 is anything like the past two years, it will likely continue to grow.

Snapchat Helped Brands Reach 50+ Million Users

If marketers can get their brand featured on the platform’s Discover segment, they’re in luck—Snapchat Discover helped marketers reach over 50 million of its users in Q4 of 2021. The only question is how much will that number continue to increase in 2022? Most likely a lot.

Snapchat Surpasses Twitter In Users

In early 2022, Snapchat took fourth place in most-used social media platforms, pushing Twitter down a spot. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok still have the lead, though.

Snapchat Ads Take Full Advantage of Sound

While most ads are played on mute, 64% of Snapchat ads get viewed with sound on. That means that marketers who incorporate sound into their campaigns will do well on the platform. And for others, you might want to take advantage of audio when running a campaign on Snapchat.

Gen-Z Is Bringing Higher Ad Recall to Snapchat

Gen-Z loves Snapchat, and by 2025, the platform will have around 50 million users from that generation. It’s ideal for targeting Gen-Z but comes with another benefit—Gen-Z more than doubles the rates for ad recall compared to Gen-X, with Millenials slightly behind.

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