How to Start a Blog that Gets MASSIVE Traffic

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So, you’ve got something to say and some writing talent. It only makes sense to consider creating a blog to voice your truth. But there are probably 50 blogs that you’ve never heard of for every successful, well-known blog. What’s the difference? What makes one successful and profitable while others remain in obscurity. All things being equal, the difference is the amount of traffic a blog attracts. 

Your well-known, well-read blog can create a community of like-minded people and a platform for others if you can attract the right amount of traffic. Let’s talk about how to start a blog that gets massive amounts of traffic.  

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Start a Blog the Right Way

Before you think about traffic to your blog, you need to lay the right foundation. Here are a few things to remember when you start your blog. 

It may be tempting to start a free blog but remember, you get what you pay for. A free blog will get you up and going without any money, but your choices will be limited, features will be fewer, and you will have less ownership. After all your work, you’re already starting out behind.

Good Hosting

We recommend you start a WordPress blog for a minimal monthly fee. Your hosting platform should provide fast speeds and 24/7 tech support

Domain Name

Your domain name should be your name without any branding or other names. 

Blog Name

Give your blog a distinctive name that tells your reader what to expect from you. 

An About Page

If people can relate to you, they’ll follow your blog. This means sharing, not just your thoughts on your chosen topic, but sharing yourself. So, remember to include a good pic of yourself on your blog. 

WordPress Backend

Once you set up your domain name and hosting, the WordPress blogging platform has many plug-ins, themes, and features to make your blog stand out.   

Have a Content Plan

Create solid content to start with, and be consistent before you even begin to strategize for traffic. 

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How to Get MASSIVE Traffic to Your Blog

Having an increasing number of people visiting your site will make you and your business (if you have one) an authority in your field and creates opportunities for profit. Here are effective ways to get massive amounts of traffic to your blog. 

Use Keyword Search for Topics

Don’t strike out into the dark when it comes to choosing topics for your blog. Use keyword search to find out what people are searching for and what words they’re using to search. If you skip this step, you’ll be writing about things no one is interested in or using terms that won’t connect your blog to interested people. Use some keyword research tool like Semrush to look up monthly searches for different keywords. 

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Go with Long-Form Content

Long-form content is content that digs deep into topics and is between 7,000 and 7,500 words long. The average blog article is about 1,000 words, so long-form content is significantly longer

These longer pieces are rich in keywords and are much more likely to appear as results in searches. High-quality, long-form content will also establish your authority on your chosen topic and satisfy your readers’ curiosity. This may turn them into loyal followers. Your blog may be linked to other blogs, sites, and social media.   

Keep Your Content Fresh

Although it’s a challenge to keep your content fresh, it’s a must. You can do this by regularly creating new content and updating what you already have on the blog. Don’t get into a cycle of producing blogs just for the sake of it. It’s much more effective to have fewer, high-quality, in-depth blog posts than a multitude of shallow, short ones. 

Frequently review your content and ‘refresh’ it with up-to-date details. You can also add new information, re-research keywords, and adjust terminology accordingly. This will lengthen the posts and give your readers even more good content to devour. 

Optimize Your Blog Posts

Remember the keyword search we mentioned earlier; you can judiciously use those words and phrases throughout your blog post. To boost your chances of being seen in a search engine inquiry, you should do the following:

Create a catchy title and attention-getting post headers using keywords.

Make your blog easy to read by keeping your paragraphs small, using appropriate headers, and keeping the language simple. Use relevant keywords in your post’s URL. 

Optimize Your Images

Add high-quality images to your blog posts. Good imagery will enhance your content, clue your reader to what you’re writing about, and your images can be optimized to draw traffic. In your image’s alternative text, you can add a description that uses keywords that will cause your image to show up in search results. 

Another reason to use good images is that the main pic will appear on social media if your blog post is shared. An uninteresting, unrelated, or otherwise unappealing image may dissuade potential readers from clicking on the link. 

Just remember to use images you have the right to use and keep them as small as possible. Larger images take too long to load.    

Encourage Engagement & Social Sharing

Getting attention and traffic to your blog is never easier than when your readers comment and share your content. Engagement benefits your blog by adding keyword-rich content; it causes people to find and return to your site and increases dwell time on your blog. All things that Google loves.  

Remember to ask readers to share your content on social media and make it easy for them to do so with sharing icons in prominent positions. 

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Last Thoughts

Writing a blog is a fun and potentially profitable activity. Your voice can be heard, and you can positively impact the world from the comfort of your own home. But even with its enjoyment, you still want your blog to get the attention it deserves. Following the above steps will help you get there in a hurry. 

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  1. Great tips! Starting a blog post that attracts massive traffic requires attention-grabbing headlines, engaging storytelling, and valuable insights. With a compelling introduction, strategic SEO keywords, and effective promotion, you can drive significant traffic to your blog. Mastering these techniques is key to achieving your blogging goals.

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