6 Tips to Write a Blog Introduction That Keeps People Reading

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So, you’re a great writer, but your introductions need work? We get it. You aren’t alone. Many writers have this issue, but we’ve found some solutions that may work for you. The whole objective of the introduction is to allow the reader a sneak peek into the value of the rest of the content. There are so many blog posts available on any topic that readers are spoilt for choice. We want your introduction to captive and engage them so they continue on with you. 

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6 Tips for Great Blog Introductions

It’s not good enough that your blog post is excellent and well-written if readers can’t get past the introduction. Here are 6 tips for writing an engaging introduction. 

1 Grab Them Early

Make that first sentence count. Create an emotional bond by addressing them immediately as ‘you,’ as if you are speaking directly to them. This isn’t written for just anyone – it’s for them. Your reader’s interest may be piqued, and they will feel invested in finding out what else you have to say. They’re more likely to continue reading.  

When we consider the power of words, it isn’t an overstatement to say that the introduction is an invitation to a brief but meaningful experience with the writer. Then, use emotional words like happy, frustrated, worried, excited, or uncertain to establish commonality, empathy, and camaraderie. Let the reader know that you understand them and you’re about to give them some help or guidance.  

2 Identify a Common Issue

What’s the purpose of your writing? Are you informing, educating, or entertaining? Don’t keep the reader in the dark about it. The title isn’t enough. Identify the common issue you’re writing about – you know, the problem you both have experienced, but you’ve now got the solution. Clearly state the purpose of your writing and how it will aid the reader. Be warm, be funny, or be technical – whatever is called for, but be clear. 

If your description of the problem is explicit enough, the reader may be surprised. They may have begun reading with one issue in mind, but you’ve identified a problem they didn’t realize they had. Well done. 

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3 Build Anticipation

Your blog post isn’t like the essays you wrote in high school. You don’t have to give away all your secrets in the first paragraph. The introduction doesn’t have to be a summary of the blog; it can be a tool of enticement. Build anticipation with the reader by hinting at how you will solve their problem, answer their questions, or make them smile. You could even let them know where your expertise comes from – although for most people, having the solution is enough. Who cares if you have a degree in this? – That’s rhetorical – no one cares. 

Have respect for your reader – don’t lie to them. As you’re building anticipation, only bring up the issues you’ll actually be writing about. It’s unethical to lead readers to expect discussion about an issue you have no intention of addressing. Yes, we want to grab the reader’s attention, but not at the cost of integrity.   

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4 Post a Compelling Question

Another way to introduce your blog post is to pose a compelling question to your reader. A well-worded question will immediately engage your readers and evoke more questions. As above, your question should demonstrate that you know why they have come to your blog and that you understand their concerns. 

Your question can be:

  • Rhetorical – No ‘real’ answer required, but meant to get them thinking
  • Open-Ended – Can’t be answered with a simple yes or no, but requires more time and thought
  • Yes or No – More to the point, but still valuable

Your question can intrigue your reader to stay with you to find the answer.

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5 Consider Telling a Story

Storytelling is captivating – just look at TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc. We love a concise, interesting story, and all the better if we can relate to it. Telling a quick story of a time you faced this same problem and how you solved it is a great opener for your blog. Just remember to address your reader first. The blog isn’t about you afterall; it’s about them and their need or concern. So, immediately address them and then share your short, sweet story. 

Here are a few tips for a well-crafter story:

  • Is anecdotal evidence you know what you’re talking about.
  • Shows the reader you understand how they feel because you have felt the same
  • Is an easier-to-understand explanation of your coming content
  • Builds a relationship between the reader and the writer
  • Helps the reader to visualize the situation

Your story can be your own experience, or you can make up a good hypothetical scenario. Ensure that your story has a great point and is related to the blog’s content. 

6 Write the Introduction Last

This one might sound counter to the ‘rules of writing,’ but it’s also a great idea to wait until you’ve already written the blog before you write the introduction. By the end of the blog, you’re ‘warmed up,’ and you are clear on what’s included in your blog. You may feel more ready to be witty and clever in your introduction. 

If you’re up to it at the beginning of your writing, do a brief introduction (as a placeholder). But be prepared that after you have completed the work, you may feel quite different about what you’ve written. So, it’s okay to go back and re-write the introduction afterward. This is why many seasoned writers make the introduction the last thing they write. 

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The Last Word

You have many excellent ideas and insights to share, and it would be a terrible waste if your introductions didn’t grab your reader’s attention. We hope any or all of the above tips help you to be an even better writer by engaging your audience immediately with a fabulous introduction. Happy writing! 
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