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Let The Top Dogs of SEO Content Writing Take Over

  • Work with content writers who live and breath SEO
  • Obtain competitor analysis and keyword research
  • Scale your content to speed up organic search traffic
  • Increase ROI with quality content to elevate your ranking
  • Tell a story to improve brand awareness
  • Increase traffic and sales conversion

We Know SEO Content Writing and We Can Take it to The Next Level

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Have you created content that generates thousands of visitors per month? We have, and we CAN and WILL do it over and over again!

Here’s how and why we will dominate:

  • We have expert writers for practically every industry to provide meaningful content to your website.
  • We have SEO specialists with over five years of experience. 
  • We have worked with other digital marketing agencies and manage over 100 clients for them.
  • We use advanced software to reverse engineer your competitor’s website and find topics and keywords that we can use to outrank them.
  • All SEO articles are unique and optimize for the search engine to crawl and rank.
  • We can place CTA (call to actions) strategically in the articles to improve conversion. 
  • We can also write product descriptions, landing pages, service pages, about us pages, meta descriptions, and much more.
  • Need help posting? No problem, we can post your content for you.

Still, wondering if we are the best? We will let our case studies do all the barking!

How Does Our SEO Content Service Work?

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The First Step

 Schedule a meeting with our SEO expert.

Our experts will formulate a strategy that will fit your individual needs. 

Second Step

 We will create a content calendar containing all the highly searched topics that you can choose from. Once you select your desired topics, we will create an outline with keywords and headings that will help you dominate the search engine. 

Third Step

 We will send the outline to our expert writer to create quality and meaningful content. We ensure that our writer’s background is similar to your website’s niche or content being written. For example, if you request a health and medical article, then our health expert will write it. 

Fourth Step

 Our editor will take over to ensure that the content is original, have proper grammar/sentence structure, and flows naturally.

Final Step

After the editing process, our SEO specialist will thoroughly optimize your article to help it rank to the top of the search engine. Then we will send it back to you for approval or any final edits.

 If you trust us, we can also help you post the content on the website.

Why Should Content Dog Be Your SEO Companion?

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  • We may not have a tail, but we are fast, smart, reliable, and loyal.
  • We provide every client with individualized attention and personalized strategies.
  • Unlike other agencies that will outsource your content, all of our writers have gone through a selective recruitment process before stepping foot into our platform.
  • We believe in quality and affordable content and are always there for our clients when they need it.

Still not convinced? Contact us today for a free consultation!